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Welcome to Levo

Here at Levo we aim to develop your business on the web using a variety of approaches depending upon your individual requirements.

Web Development - Whether you require a simple "Brochure Site" presence, an active Self Managed Website, an E-commerce website or a bespoke website programmed to your own detailed requirements, we are able to work with you to provide the optimum solution.

Domain Acquisition - If you are searching for the right domain name for your business then why not tap into our experience in this field for free.

Website Hosting - For an industry competitive fee we will look after your site on state of the art secure servers so that your site will always be up and running at peak performance.

Graphic Design - Our photoshop expertise combined with the ability to understand your needs leads to us providing the right graphics for your application.

Search Engine Optimisation - Allow us to provide a free assessment of your current site optimisation.

Parallel Marketing - If you already have a business selling products through retail or web then why not talk to us about Levo setting up a parallel marketing campaign at NO cost to yourselves. Providing you are able to deliver the products to the end Customer direct then we can make extra sales through a website dedicated to your products so that instead of being paid around 40% of the Recommended Retail Price you will instantly be paid 90% on each sale.

Bespoke Websites - This main site is an example of one of our bespoke websites ideal for an event photographer, where products can be sold either in digital form or as products derived from the images which led to our promotion of the website Levo-Pics

Levo-Pics  introduces a new fund raising idea for Sports Clubs, Charities or Wedding gifts.

  1.  Book us to take pictures at your event.
  2.  Give your audience a unique event code.
  3.  They enter the code after the event to access the high resolution pics of the event.
  4.  Proceeds of the sale of pic downloads accumulate for the Charity, Sports Org or as a Wedding gift.

To book Levo for a future event simply click the "Contact Us" tab and give us all the details of your event and we will quickly reply, and bear in mind that there is NO UP FRONT FEE for event attendance.

Most people have the ability to use the product from our professional photography to produce their own quality prints or displays, but working with a local quality print studio we can provide a print and frame service too.

If you need an onsite print service at your event then this can be organised but you need to book early to guarantee availability and regrettably the proceeds from our printing service do not add to the funds which help you in your fund raising aims, but even with on location printing all the images go up on to this website for subsequent sale as downloads and proceeds from this DO go towards your designated fund.





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